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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  August 6, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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now at noon -- 12 hours and counting. a.c. transit managers and union representatives meeting right now to try to avoid a strike. and an amber alert out for two children. police say their alleged kidnapper killed their mother and then set the house on fire. getting ready for national night out. the community effort to bring communities together and ward off neighborhood crime. good afternoon.
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i'm tori campbell. tens of thousands of bus riders across the east bay are bracing for a potential strike by a.c. transit workers that could happen tomorrow. exut's alex savidge is -- ktvu's alex savidge is monitoring talks. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. to strike a deal, a deal needs to get done by midnight. about an hour ago, a spokesperson for a.c. transit came out and said steady progress is being made, particularly on the issue of pay. we heard from a union member and is disputing a.c. transit's claims and don't believe they are being forthcoming in their numbers. >> we're offering 9%. the union is seeking 10% for the pay. we're moving in the right direction. >> the rates they are offering is absorbed by the additional
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medical payments they want us to pay. >> reporter: if the buses stop rolling tomorrow, it would leave about 180,000 riders in a tough spot. many say they have no other way to get around. >> kind of strands me. i want to be able to get around. >> reporter: this man told me he uses a.c. transit every day. if the system's 1600 workers walk off the job, he will be walking everywhere. >> i'm a new york guy. i don't drive a car. either on foot or public transportation. >> reporter: this contract dispute centers on salary, health care costs and rest breaks for employees. rhonda robinson has been driving anle a.c. transit for 14 years. >> i'm really concerned about them. we have to get to work. a lot of times they can't afford the park. >> reporter: a union negotiator
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told me employers are not asking for anything outrageous. she's hopeful a deal can get done. riders can keeping their fingers crossed. >> i wish they would settle it quickly. i'm the guy is impacts a lot. >> reporter: a yoon run -- a union negotiator said she's ready to bargain up to the midnight deadline. she said extending talks is not an option. ac transit says there would be no bus service and that there's no backup plan. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. now to the b.a.r.t. labor dispute. the two sides are expected to present their cases to a three- member board tomorrow. the board will hear from management and union leaders and then will issue jerry brown a report before sunday. after that, the governor will decide whether to order a cooling off-period up to 60
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days. the board itself will have limited authority and power. >> he will not make a recommendation or a decision in terms of which decision is the right one. >> reporter: california's cooling off measure has been used five times in b.a.r.t. labor disputes since 1998. it's only tuesday. already it's been a rough week for morning commuters heading to san francisco. this is a live look at conditions right now at the toll plaza. it looks good. a little backup on some of those right toll lanes. for the second day in a row, there were long backups. this time it was due to a stalled ac transit bus. this is video taken before 9:00 this morning and traffic was just crawling along. a state wade amber alert has been issued for two children believed to have been kidnapped from san diego
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county. here's more. >> here is a picture of our suspect. his name is james lee dimaggio. >> reporter: investigators believe 40-year-old james lee dimaggio shaved his beard and mustache after he abducked these two children, hanna anderson and ethan anderson. detectives say dimaggio killed their mother, 40-year-old christina anderson inside his boulevard home before setting it on fire sunday night. we are sold the two were close platonic friends. >> we believe this was an arson. we believe he murdered anderson and set the structures on fire. >> reporter: firefighters discovered anderson 'body in the rubble and a dog deputies say had also been killed along with the weapons nearby. after a search near the debris. dug through the rubble of the entire house. when they were doing that,
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essentially sifting through the rubble. they low camed the remains of the boy -- located the remains of the boy. >> reporter: deputies are not identify the body. but took successes that the remains are anderson and herson. sheriff's deputies are pleading for the public's help for the man in the blue nissan versa. >> they could have gone to another state or country. we don't know. >> the amber alerts are being displayed on electric billboards. this is the information posted in berkeley. anyone with information on this case should call police. thousands of people across the state received notifications of the amber alert on their cell phones. the wireless emergency alert program is operated by fema. the notifications are distributed by authorized government agencies and includes amber alerts, national weather service, and
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presidential and immigrant threat alerts. for more information about how to control the alerts go to and look under web links. san jose firefighters were busy this morning, battling a stubborn fire at a storage facility. crews responded just about 6:30 a.m. of to the fire burning at the facility on fep leap avenue. spoke could be seen from 280 and highway 101. four storage units burned. it took about three hours to put the fire out. firefighters had to a tough time because the units that burned became structurally unstable and they were not sure of the contents. >> what actually caused it is under investigation. we really don't know what's in their. we will have to investigate and dig through the rubble. >> fire crews had to completely clear out the units to make sure there were no smoldering embert bers. people in town will spend
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part of their evening tonight trying to make their communities safer. new at noon, janine de la vega is in san jose one of many locations where volunteers and police will be getting ready for national night out. good afternoon, janine de la vega. >> reporter: good afternoon. we're at northwood park in north san jose. later today there will be several hundred people here in the park. they will be setting up a movie screen here so everybody can watch a movie together and get to know each other. this is video from an event last year for a national night out in san jose. some of these events are held at parks. other neighbor neighborhoods have block parties. the purpose is about preventing crime and drugs and promoting public safety. the police department is sponsoring the events which they hope will connect them about the growing violence in the city. officers want people to report suspicious crimes to them. there's been more gangs which
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has prompted the police to restructure the dwindling staff to handle this. eerkers say this is a -- organizers say this is a way to get to know your neighbors. >> that way they can see we really want to help clean up the neighborhoods. whether it's gangs or graffiti or any of the other things that go along with trying to keep the neighborhood cleaned up. and many of the events there will be free food, entertainment, like live bands. there will be numerous boots set up for vary -- from various organizations. here at northwood park. they will have free ice cream for everybody and the movie they will be playing tonight is the disney movie "brave" that starts at 8:00. and everyone is encouraged to come and enjoy. back to you. >> thank you. 300 students from mill high school in millbrae have filed suit to try to get the scores
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on their placement exams. the college board invalidated the tests after discovering some students were seated improperly when they took the exams. students are supposed to face the same direction. some sat at tables facing each other. the students say there's no evidence anyone cheated. in a little over an hour the artemis racing team is set to sail. it will be the first race since andrew simpson died on may 9th. today's race is against italy's luna roca team, it's all part of the louie vuitton cup finals. four young girls were hurt last night when a truck knocked over a traffic signal pole in san francisco. it happened around 7:15 p.m. at 24th in the miss district. police say a -- mission district. police say a driver was turning
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on 24th street when a car cut him off. it hit the pole and that fell onto four girls. all went to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. help for homeowners could be on the way as president obama unveils a new plan to make it easier to refinance and get loans. and it's beginning to warm up around the bay area. mark tamayo will be here with what's in store for the rest of the workweek. and former george w. bush recovering from surgery. when you smoke, addictive ingredients like nicotine pull you in. every day, over 1200 people die from smoking-related diseases. don't sink deeper into addiction.
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pull yourself out!
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the fort hood shooting trial finally got underway this morning after delays. major nadal hasan is accused in the shooting rampage in fort hood in folks. 13 people were killed and 32 others were wounded. acting as his own attorney in his opening statement, he said "the evidence will clearly show that i am the shooter." hasan tried to plead guilty but milt law requires a not guilty plea in death penalty cases. in boston a federal jury has begun deliberations in the trial of james whitey bulger. he's accused of 19 killings and 13 counts of extortion and money laundering during a 20-
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year reign of terror. closing arguments wrapped up yesterday. the 83-year-old has pleaded not guilty to all counts. he fled boston in 1994. he's one of the nation's most wanted fugitives until he was captured in 2011. esidt obama i outline his plans for an overhaul of the mortgage refinance system. aides say he will endorse a bipartisan plan to reduce manny mae and freddie mac with something less risky for tax payers. the idea comes at a time when the housing market is showing more strength. we take a look at the market trends. things look positive. it's not this rapid growth but we continue to see the positive trends we want to see. >> the president will also announce a new home loan option for people with foreclosures or
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bankruptcies because of a job loss and will make it easier for people 20 refinance their -- to refinance their loans. tomorrow he will be on the tonight show. he will field questions with the ceo zillow. he's expected to visit troops at camp pendleton. a commission will come up with a plan to restore stability to the state park systems. the parks' forward commission will spend the next 18 months working on a blueprint. that includes everything from financial revenue to leadership positions and policy. the legislature ordered creation of the scandal involving threatened park closures followed by the discovery of millions of dollars in secret funds. it will soon be illegal for people to live in their cars in
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palo alto. the city council approved the ban last night. there will be a six-month grace period. the city says the ban will be enforced on a complaint only basis and police officers will try to connect offenders with social services. violaters could be fined $1,000 and six months in jail. the cause of an early- morning fire in san francisco presidio is under investigation. it started around 2:30 this morning near the national cemetery at lincoln boulevard and mcdowell avenue. firefighters face several challenges including poison oak and trouble accessing water. park officials say a fire in the area is very rare. >> this is the first one that i can remember. i've been here 13 years. pretty unusual. we get a lot of fog. that means not much fire. >> they are still trying to figure out what started the fire. at least three acres burned. no buildings were threatened a.
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a fast-moving wildfire in southern california is threatening 250 homes in riverside county. it started yesterday and is burning near lake elsinore in the cleveland national forest. people living in the area are under mandatory evacuation orders. over 1400 acres have burned. calfire says right now the fire is 20% contained. what sparked the fire is still under investigation. well, with the weather pattern right now, fire danger coming down a little bit. but any time this time of year, august, september, october, fire danger still a big concern. we'll continue to be watching that over the next few months. outside right now, we are here's our live camera looking out towards the golden gate bridge. the fog is not hugging the bridge. as a result, the cloud deck up a few thousand feet. you can see the golden gate bridge here. on live stormtracker2, here is the mapping system.
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clouds around monterey bay. the clouds still near the immediate shorelines still some patchy fog. low clouds around point reyes, ocean beach and hout towards the half moon bay area. temperatures are ranging from the upper 50s or i should say lower 60s out towards san francisco and oakland. lower 70s right now. you get the idea on these 12:00 nums. you know it will -- 12:00 nums. you know it will -- numbers. you know it will not be a hot day. patchy clouds, a bit cooler. we'll continue to cool things down. we warm up the temperatures, especially by sunday. this area of low pressure will dominate our weather pattern. as a result we'll cool things off a little bit. no major heat in the forecast. for today, some patchy low clouds for the coast. a sun, cloud, minutes around
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the bay. wind speeds pick up as you could expect right around the bay. 15 to 25 miles miles an hour. inland neighborhoods more sunshine and temperatures on track to reach the upper 70s. right around 80. our forecast model this evening, pushes the low clouds and fog back in the bay. here we are at 8:00, we'll put this into motion for your morning hours. a lot of overcast, basically the lower clouds out there and once again for tomorrow morning, thursday, morning and friday morning. clouds gradually pull back to the shore line for tomorrow afternoon. forecast highs for this afternoon, you can see ranging from right around 62 in san francisco. lower 70s out towards santa rosa and napa. warmest locations inland. 82 in antioch and brentwood. concord mid-70s. and san mateo in the upper 60s right around 67 degrees and a look ahead to your five-day forecast for your wednesday and thursday. you will see temperatures cool off a little bit over the next couple of days.
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we gradually warm up the numbers, a few degrees by friday, warming trend. this continues for friday and saturday, sunday will be the warmert day. temperatures will feel more normal. wednesday morning, thursday morning and friday morning we could have measurable drizzle out there. >> gotta warm up the windshield wipers. >> thank you, mark. former president george w. bush is recovering after undergoing surgery to get a stent in his heart. a blockage was discovered during his annual checkup yesterday. the surgery was successful with no complications and bush is eager to return home tomorrow. the former president is 67 years old. bay area mate native george duke is being remembered -- native george duke is being remembered as a pioneer in funk music. he died last night where he was
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-- he was being treated for leukemia. during his 40-year career, he produced and collaborated with artists such as frank zappa, miles davis, jill scott and michael jackson. apple is offering a discount on a commonly used accessory. we'll tell you why and how much it will cost you. ?.=(=pcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpc2h
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economic news has been upbeat. warnings of weaker profits have pulled down the market today. a growing list of companies including ebay and marriott have told analysts to lower their expectations for the coming qrts. take a look at who rang the opening bell. there you see him, ashton kutcher is promoting his latest movie "jobs." in which he plays the role of steve jobs. meanwhile, apple is offering a discount on its chargers for the next two months. the effort is to replace third- party charges after a chinese woman allegedly electrocuted herself while using one last month. the chargers cost $10. customers must bring in their apple device along with their third party charger which will be thrown off. the offer starts next friday
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and runs until october 18th. the san francisco spca a expanding the hours to serve the public seven days a week. the nonprofit previously operated tuesday through sunday. it's adoption center is open on mondays. the change was made to help bridge a gap in animal services. last week the budget forced the animal department to close on sundays and months. protesters trying to save the post office in downtown berkeley are still camped. warning notices were given out to these protesters warning them to leave or get arrested. they've been camped out since july 24th. high levels of lead has prompted a line of ginger candy to be recalled. the candy is impoursed ported from japan. it is sold in a red plastic
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container with a smul coconut tree at the top of the label. the candy should be thrown away. pregnant women and children who have eaten the candy should see a doctor. coming up at 5:00, a threat of a strike, this time by a.c. transit. and more on the amber alert in san francisco. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news we'll see you the next time news breaks. blam 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óioy
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